Mind Your Mind

A collection centred around mindfulness and intentionality. Created in collaboration with our friend Jennet Liaw.
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Your Cousin Avi - 'Asher' EP

Our first release via the Hopes & Dreams Club imprint.
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Cabu - So Far To Go EP

Cabu's sophomore EP - So Far To Go represents a return to form, paired with an acknowledgment of the journey ahead.
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Thinking Of You

Encouraging dialogue around creativity.
Hosted by 823 Founder, Ta-ku.

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Everyday Life

A new collection in collaboration with Chloe Scheffe.
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Hopes & Dreams
Photo Club

In 2019 we experimented with something called the Neighbo(u)r project. A collaborative art project that invited photographers from around the world to connect with people in their community. The idea was to get out and to talk to strangers, shoot with intention, and embrace the flaws, beauty and serendipity of the experience.

The entire process pushed us all out of our comfort zone. The vulnerability felt from creating something that we knew wouldn’t be perfect - yet we were eager to share and see what others had created too.

The experience inspired us to create the 'Hopes & Dreams Club'.

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Hopes & Dreams Music Club

A music club — a place for music lovers, bedroom producers, bathroom vocalists & aux-cord aficionados. A platform to create, listen and collaborate with others. A home for your Hopes & Streams.

Open to musicians of any description and skill level. Members will be invited to participate in regular beat challenges, listening sessions & group projects.

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Thinking Of You

Restock of our classic tees & hoods - for you and yours.
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Composers Of Image & Sound

A new collection in collaboration with Gesture Systems.
+ a restock of our classics.

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All Things Considered Vol. 1
by Various Artists

The start of a series of curated compilations that feature artists we love and pay homage to their art. ⁣Volume 1 features an international line-up of established & up and coming instrumental producers; Idealism, Wun Two, pastels, SwuM, Jinsang, Saltyyyy V & more! Out Oct 16th Digital/Vinyl.

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823 x Keep The Doors Open

Thanks to our friends at Keep The Doors Open & their amazing effort to support small businesses, 823 is proud to present a limited edition capsule available now for Pre-order. A few staple items for you & yours.
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Please Wait
Black & White EP

Please Wait is the culmination of numerous online exchanges and years of sharing voice memos, stems, musical ideas & TikTok links between Ta-ku and Matt McWaters.
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Neighbo(u)r is a collaborative art project by 823 that invited photographers from around the world to connect with people in their community.
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